Proceeding of the DonNACEA

To publish the research findings the Academy publishes the journal “Proceeding of the Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture” compiling the list of special periodicals having been registered by the Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine on technical sciences and architecture.

ISSN: 1814-3296 (Print).

Year of foundation: 1995.

Founder and publisher: The Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Certificate of State Registration of Published Mass Media by series KB No. 9643 dated back to the 2 nd of March 2005).

Editor-in-chief: Yevgen V. Gorokhov, D.E.

Managing editor of an issue: Volodymyr F. Mushchanov, D.E.

Registration GAC: Resolution № 1-05/7 of 09.06.2009, resumed by order № 1279 of 06.11.2014.

Specialty GAC: engineering, architecture.

Languages of publication: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Periodicity: 6 issues per annum.

Subject trends: to acquaint readers with the latest achievements in civil engineering, industrial construction, architecture and environment.