Vol. 24, Number 2, 2018

Andrei Mironov, Maxim Vaskevych, Vladislav Zhuravlev
Study of General Stability of Large-Span Pipe-Concrete Arch Structures
Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. The results of analysis of general stability of long-span shotcrete of the arched coverage are presented in the article. A calculation is produced in a calculable complex LIRA-SAPR 2013. The main purpose of work was determination of coefficient of supply of stability and forms of loss of stability, and also comparative analysis of the obtained results for the arches of continuous and through section. For this it was engineered the design scheme of tube-confined concrete arches of solid section, it was created a model of an arched cover and the concrete pipe model of the arch end-to-end cross-section of rod finite elements. This allowed to analyze in detail the form of the loss of stability and the factor of reserve, as well as to assess the stability of the arched cover with regard to the release of connections and runs. According to the results of the calculation, economic comparison of two types of arch structures was made.
Keywords: the long-span arched coverage, concrete pipe arch of solid section, concrete pipe arch of through section, general stability, coefficient of supply of stability, form of loss of stability, steel pipe, concrete kernel.

Andrey Alyokhin, Maria Kronik, Evgeny Kirsanov
The Loads and Actions Effects on the Decision of Narrow-Band Antenna Support Design Shape
Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. The article analyzes the impact of loads and actions effects on the decision of narrow-band antenna support design shape of radio relay communication, it has been analyzed the group of tower supports on the design of the trunks, the number of faces, the type of lattice. On the basis of the analysis of the loads and actions effects, as well as the analysis of the existing methods of design of structures of supports of the tower type, it has been given priority to the quadrihedral narrow-base pyramid support with cross-spindle and cross lattice of the angular profile.
Keywords: antenna support, profiles, grid, loads and actions, displacements, forces.

Andrei Mironov, Yurii Nasonov
A Determination of the Residual Life of Steel Bin of Coke-Screening station taking into account Operating Corrosive Damages
Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. The article presents the results of analysis of the tensely-deformed state of a steel bunker for storage of coke. The calculation is performed according to engineering procedure and using software complex LIRA-SAPR 2013. The main purpose of the work was to determine tensely-deformed state of bunker’s elements considering operational damages. For this purpose, basic spational model of steel bunker was modeled (the model in the perfect shape), and model, which takes into account damages received during operation. The obtained results allowed us to analyze in detail the nature of the distribution of normal stresses, and to predict the increase of stesses depending on corrosive deterioration of constructions during operation. On the basis of the data obtained the residual life of object was identified.
Keywords: steel bunker, bunker beam, bunker hopper, operational damages, corrosive deterioration, stresses, strenght, residual life.

Andrey Alyokhin, Dmitriу Polyanskii
Numerical Researches of the Prop of a 65 kW Wind Power Plant
Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. This article presents the results of numerical research of the steel lattice support of a wind power plant (WPP) from angle profile. The main purpose of the work was to determine the forces and displacements from the action of loads caused by the operation of a 65 kW wind power plant. For this purpose, a spatial model of lattice supports with a cross, half-braced and triangular lattices was constructed and their numerical analysis was performed. The obtained results allowed to choose the optimal support for the «Vestas V-16» wind turbine, and also to determine the main loads acting on the support of the wind generator.
Keywords: wind power, wind power plant (WPP), loads, WPP prop, numerical studies, efforts, movements.